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*eBay fees depend on many factors including product type and number of items listed.

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As of March, 2019

Use HausMart to showcase and sell art on location or arrange drop-shipping direct to the customer.

Gallery to go

Turn any space into a gallery and exhibit distinctive art.

HausMart is perfect for those who like to discover and want to share their finds with others. Designer Genevieve Gorder opened a HausMart store to share her finds after a trip to Iceland with a handpicked selection of goods available to shoppers worldwide. 

Creators and Curators

Are you the type who seeks out unique pieces and looks forward to sharing art that makes you feel something?

For Artists and Galleries

Breaking into the art world is tough! HausMart is designed to help you bypass the hassles of finding gallery space and navigating third party payment options? HausMart enables you to share art in multiple locations to be seen by a wider audience. 

Try to point your camera at this QR code to unlock and enter the store - test the customer's experience.

Melissa Teitel Fine Art

HausMart is the perfect mobile retail platform to set up, showcase, and sell art quickly with instant fund transfers. You can send out unique “sneak peaks” of your work and hold special offers and shows that followers will be alerted to through your HausMart. Display your art with your HausMart QR access code next to it, and prospective buyers can easily purchase with no app download.


Getting Started

HausMart is a free app that simplifies setting up a catalog or online gallery. Sell your art—or someone else’s 24/7 in a variety of spaces. Inventory controls guarantee that you won't sell the same piece twice and built-in privacy controls enable you to manage who has access to your gallery.


Perfect for physical pop-up shops. Anyone can preview your store, but only shoppers on site can purchase.

Instant payments

Complete the initial PayPal setup for instant transfer of funds moving forward. No held payouts.

Exclusive access

Hosting an exclusive pre-sale? Share a private link to your store to control who has access.


Worldwide shipping = worldwide shopping. Enable shipping for select products to reach a wider audience.

Features Included


Limited edition quantities? Enable inventory to make sure you don't sell more than you have.

Monthly fee


Transaction fee*

2.90% + $0.30

Service fee



The mobile app is free for retailers to connect to their PayPal account and to start accepting payments online.

Payments are transferred immediately! Your customers do not need to download any app, just a smartphone, and a browser.

Get the HausMart app and open your store today!

*International transactions may include an additional PayPal fee for currency exchange.

Show & Tell

Let us know if you have any questions about opening up your own HausMart Gallery.